Datasets view

The Datasets view allows you to edit and inspect the data that your project can use. In this view, you can:

  • Import datasets into the platform, from your local drive or from a URL.

  • Manage versions of your datasets.

  • Edit a dataset to better fit your model.

Datasets overview

Inspecting datasets

Information for each feature of your dataset is presented in columns. Each column displays the name of a feature, its shape, and the distribution of values. You can also see a preview of the values for the first examples.

Note that to speed up processing, the platform only analyzes a fraction of the examples contained in a dataset. This has two consequences:

  1. The information presented has a small degree of approximation.

  2. The shape and the encodings available for a feature are determined only from the analyzed examples.

Every example must have its features compatible with the shape and encoding indicated in the dataset’s version, or running your experiment will fail. If your experiment fails because of incompatible examples, you can click the Error icon. icon under the experiment’s name to get more information about the problematic examples.

Collaborating with your team

Colleagues can work with the same datasets as everything securely stored in the cloud.