Deployment web app

The deployment web app allows you to test your deployment in seconds. You can create and access the app from the Deployment view.

The web app can be:

  • Private, so only you who created the deployment can use it.

  • Public, so that you can share your result with friends or colleagues.

Toggle the switch to change mode.

Private Public switch

Note: You can’t switch between private or public when a deployment is Enabled. You have to Disable it first.


Private means only the user who created the deployment can view it, this is ideal for testing your deployment straight from your browser.

Private deployment web app
Figure 1. Deployment web app. This time a private one.


When the deployment is Public, the sidebar will provide you with a copyable link that you can share with friends and colleagues on, e.g., with the link, Twitter, LinkedIn.

Deployment calls do not count towards prediction count.

Public deployment web app
Figure 2. Public deployment web app.
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