Upload local file

You can upload files directly from your local computer. Limit the file size to max 5 GB. This will minimize the risk of connection issues during upload.

How to add your local file
Click the Upload file button and select your file
just drag and drop them in the dotted area.

Drag and drop dataset

Uploading several files

You can upload several files into the same dataset. Uploading several files can be useful if your training examples have several features which are saved in different files.

If you want to upload multiple files, keep in mind that:

  • All files must be uploaded at the time when the dataset is created.

  • The first file you upload determines the number of examples (rows).

  • Additional files will add features (columns) to the already existing examples (rows).

  • You cannot add more examples by adding more files.

  • All files must contain the same number of examples.

  • The examples must be in the same order in all files.

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