Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing (NLP) techniques aim to automatically process, analyze and manipulate language data like speech and text. We have a lot of content on the Knowledge center that will help you solve many different problem types easily, from sentiment analysis to text similarity.

This article gives you an overview of all content available.

Pretrained blocks

Our NLP blocks are prebuilt pretrained deep learning networks. Perfect for getting you started quickly, skipping the tedious work to build and train them.

Binary text classification
Figure 1. Binary text classification.


We’ve created cheat sheets for some common problem types and some specific use cases. These cheat sheets will guide you through the main steps you take when solving your problem.


The best way to learn is to try it out yourself. Here you’ll find our tutorials and use cases ready to be used by you. The tutorials will give you an overview of the platform or will highlight a specific feature.


If you want to go down to a really granular level, you should read the descriptions of the individual building blocks:

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