Implicit bias

Implicit bias occurs when one makes prejudiced assumptions based on their own personal experiences and opinions, that eventually doesn’t apply to generalizations.

Confirmation bias

Confirmation bias is a form of implicit bias when one unconsciously interprets the data that is in line with their own experiences and opinions and continuously looks for what they already believe.

Example: In a real estate price prediction model, when one thinks the prices are so high and processes the data constantly to predict cheaper prices.

Example: Continuously look for the data that will confirm that it is a half-empty glass instead of a half-full glass

Half full and half empty glass

How to prevent implicit bias

Diversity is key to preventing implicit bias. To avoid your own prejudice, you can

  • Work with a diverse team where people can put different perspectives such as people with different levels of domain knowledge.

  • Make other people audit your data and source data from multiple sources. The aim should be to reach the closest to the objective truth.

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