Underhåll 2022

March 29/1 min read

    May 31 - June 3, in person, Gothenburg

    We’re thrilled to be at this year’s Underhåll Expo in Gothenburg, alongside our esteemed partner DynaMate.
    Peltarion will be co-exhibiting with DynaMate at booth B03, where we will focus on how both parties are creating the future of smart manufacturing both together and individually.

    Underhåll Expo is Europe's leading meeting place for operational safety and maintenance issues. An industry-wide forum where technicians and decision-makers in all stages of the maintenance chain meet the technology of the future and share each other's experiences. It is a multi-sector meeting place but with the emphasis on industrial maintenance. In 2018, more than 330 companies exhibited, and 11,973 visitors attended from a variety of industries. We're excited to be a part of it this year.

    See you there! 

    02/ Who we are

    At Peltarion, we help businesses at every stage of their AI adoption journey. Regardless of industry, sector or size, we help organizations get started with, implement and scale their AI efforts, in every step of the way.

    Stockholm-based AI powerhouse, Peltarion started out as Synapse in 2004, working with giants such as NASA, Dell, Tesla, Harvard and many others, and evolved to our current set-up in 2014. Peltarion has since developed a state-of-the-art deep learning platform geared towards non-AI experts, that enables users to create, train and deploy their own AI models into real-world use.

    You can check out our Customer Stories and Partnerships pages for more information on some of the current projects we’re working on with companies of all shapes and sizes.

    03/ But what does that mean?

    To democratise AI is to enable as many people as possible to make use of the technology in different areas of society. At Peltarion, we strive to place the power of AI in the hands of business-facing domain experts everywhere - across industries, across fields, across verticals, across the world - so that they can utilise their unique expertise in the most powerful way; solving business problems quickly, efficiently, and adding value to their organization's bottom line.

    More than simply offering an AI tool, Peltarion offers a world-class onboarding of the business experts who will be using the platform, educating them on high-level AI knowledge, coupled with data savviness to enable them to leverage their business expertise to solve AI problems on their own.

    We also believe in AI being available and accessible to all - and we do this in many different ways: by providing AI knowledge and education, by sharing free learning courses and resources, by participating in AI advocacy and evangelism, by providing AI jump-start support via accelerator programs, by supporting local and international innovation initiatives through partnerships, by being heavily involved in AI Ethics and, last but not least, by providing an intuitive deep learning platform solution to enable the most diverse domain experts to harness the power of AI at speed and at scale, at a fraction of the costs usually associated with the implementation of AI in organisations.

    At Underhåll, Peltarion will bring to the showfloor its top collaborators whose diverse AI expertise can help those in charge of bringing change to their organizations to become AI-enabled and get started on their own journeys within the most varied contexts.

    If you’re attending in person, stop by our booth (B03) and our star AI advocates will be more than happy to answer any and all questions you may have. Don’t forget to grab your fresh Peltarion swag too!

    04/ How can you start your AI journey?

    There are many ways to get started with your AI journey.

    If you’re at Underhåll in person, you can stop by our booth and pick up your hardcopy of one of the most important AI for business resources - the essential AI for leaders handbook, chat with our experts and take part in our Platform demos for an in-depth look at what having an AI platform tool at your disposal can mean for getting started with or scaling your AI efforts.

    You can also contact our team directly via the Data Innovation Summit online event profile or fill out our Contact Us form below and we'll gladly help you navigate the process of becoming AI-enabled. Of course, you can always send us a message at contact@peltarion.com.

    Alternatively, you can take a look at our homepage for more information on the platform, its features, different pricing tiers and how it all works.

    Want to learn by doing? 

    Sign up for your own platform license here and select the capabilities that best suit your projects. Try for free - all tiers include a 30 day free trial to test the waters and on top of that, we’re offering Data Innovation Summit participants an exclusive offer of 30% off your monthly Plus license subscription payments for the first 3 months after your 30 day free trial.

    Head on over to the Knowledge Center and get started with curated tutorials regardless of your technical background or experience.

    Ready to put your model to use?

    Don’t forget to check out the different integrations and connectors that Peltarion offers so that you can deploy your AI models into use. It takes 5 seconds. Literally.

    Looking for inspiration?

    What problem do you have that AI can solve? Check out our Use Case Library for inspiration on just some of the things you can do with the Peltarion platform across industries and with all different kinds of data.

    Need more help? 

    If you have a larger business or project, fill out the Contact Us form below or get in touch with us at sales@peltarion.com for a more hands-on bespoke approach to your AI journey.

    Happy learning!

    What can Peltarion do for your business?

    Set up a demo or chat with our experts to learn more.

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