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AI-enabling your organization is key to us. Our onboarding process elevates your team regardless of initial skill level.

  • AI Education & Platform onboarding
  • Domain specific use case ideation
  • AI Model building
  • Operationalizing your models
  • On-going support & 
AI Hotline

Real value is created when domain experts, rather than AI experts, get to fully use the technology and control the narrative. It’s happening now and we are thrilled to be enabling people to use AI at scale in organizations of all sizes.

Luka Crnkovic-Friis / Founder and CEO of Peltarion

Deep dive into how to solve your Enterprise AI

We started this discussion series as we talk to organizations on a daily bases that face problems in scaling their AI efforts. Through the series, we hope to meet your AI worries and questions through the topics we address, with the end goal of empowering you to confidently take the next steps in starting off or scaling your AI efforts. Follow us and learn more about our videos or listen to our podcasts here

Episode #1 /

How to jump-Start the AI-Driven Transformation in your Enterprise

Episode #2 /

Strategic direction for your AI

Episode #3 /

Diversity is an accelerator

Episode #4 /

Operating your model(s)

Episode #5 /

Software has eaten 
the world and AI is next

Episode #6 /

Data-enabled future

Episode #7 /

What makes some companies 
stand out when delivering with AI?

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