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Assess your AI maturity and access the AI Maturity Report

April 25 2022/3 min read

Do you want to maximize your chances to succeed with your AI efforts? Peltarion and The AI Framework are joining forces to provide a new AI readiness assessment tool that allows enterprises to quickly assess their AI maturity and progress across six vital dimensions.

Succeeding the survey, Peltarion and The AI Framework will provide participants with an AI maturity report containing insights on how businesses across the maturity spectrum triumph and fail within AI. This report will equip your business with a holistic toolkit to efficiently climb the AI maturity ladder – independent of your starting point. 

Why care about AI maturity?

As artificial intelligence is being increasingly acknowledged as a tool for business success and a hygiene factor to maintain competitiveness, more and more enterprises are setting a trajectory towards exploiting AI in their own businesses. But despite great ambitions, results are falling short. In 2020, Gartner estimated that 80% of all AI projects would likely fail, and we have seen slow and uneven progressions ever since. Why are enterprises getting stuck on the AI maturity ladder?

As with any new revolutionary technology, failures are expected – and welcomed. An inevitable and crucial part of succeeding with AI is to embrace failure as an intrinsic part of the AI journey. But organizations are, from our vantage points, often falling into the same pitfalls over and over again. The fact that AI projects are failing abundantly, is an indication that enterprises are approaching AI insufficiently or even all in the wrong way. 

The slow progress of operationalizing AI is attributed to the fact that AI is not solely a technical issue, but an intricate interplay of several organizational dimensions such as strategy, people, operations, technology, data and cross-functional capabilities. Falling behind on one of these dimensions, and your organization may fail to ultimately deliver in your AI efforts. Consequently, succeeding with AI comes down to the ability to holistically harmonize these dimensions in relation to the organization's current AI maturity. But this is evidently easier said than done. 

How far along are you on your AI journey?

Assess your organization's AI maturity

As a way to help enterprises gain an overview of their AI maturity and track their progress across the six aforementioned dimensions, Peltarion and The AI Framework have joined forces and created an AI readiness assessment tool. 

Through a survey covering vital practices across dimensions vital to AI maturity, this tool will help enterprises to quickly assess where they stand on the AI maturity spectrum, and what specific dimension(s) or area(s) they need to emphasize to mitigate the risk of ultimately failing in operationalizing AI. Consequently, this tool will help businesses prioritize what actions that will have the greatest impact on their AI transformation, given their unique situation. 

Get access to the upcoming report

If you are interested in deepening your knowledge in how your organization can succeed with AI and foresee many of the pitfalls other businesses tend to fall into along their AI journey, Peltarion and The AI Framework will also provide an upcoming AI Maturity Report in which we will take a holistic approach to AI maturity and go through each vital dimension in depth.

The report will be based on the gathered insights from the survey along with case studies and we’ll identify where and how businesses tend to fail and how to best avoid and overcome those obstacles. Furthermore, we will provide the progress in your specific industry and allow you to benchmark how your specific level of AI maturity stands relative to industry averages. The report will consequently equip businesses with an AI framework highlighting what enterprises need to do in order to efficiently evolve in their AI maturity and ultimately succeed in reaching their AI vision. 

Join the AI maturity webinar

Join the AI maturity webinar

To celebrate the launch of the AI readiness assessment tool, The AI framework and Peltarion will host an exclusive webinar. During this event we will give a deeper background on how to find the level of AI maturity in businesses and how we went about creating the AI readiness assessment tool, along with the initial results from the research. This will also be a great opportunity for organizations to discuss AI maturity in depth with experts from The AI Framework and to exchange experiences with other businesses that already have been where you are today. 

Take the survey today, and if you have any questions feel free to contact Peltarion here or The AI Framework here.


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