What do you do once you’ve built an AI model in the Peltarion Platform? Build an app around it of course!

    With Peltarion's Bubble plugin you can call your AI models and use them in your Bubble app. Here, you can find a few selected Peltarion-Bubble use cases.

    We hope to inspire you to create something awesome!

    Building a whiskey classifier with Bubble and Peltarion

    Predicting sentiment and taste score of different whiskey types, based on hundreds of online reviews in different whiskey forums.

    Picture-based crop insurance for small-scale farmers around the world

    Monitoring crops and predicting potential crop damage in order to base insurance payouts.

    Creating Gordon RamsAI, a robot Ramsay ready to roast the world

    Using an image-recognition AI with a language AI trained on Gordon Ramsay’s dialogue to give people feedback on their cooking.

    Want to try out building an AI app yourself?