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Introducing our new pricing plans

August 18 2020/5 min read

    We listened to all your feedback and are thrilled to announce that we’ve created four new pricing plans to suit your needs and improve the value you get from the Peltarion Platform.

    We know this is a topic that concerns all Peltarion users, both present and future, so we’re here to walk you through the changes: what’s happening, what’s in it for you, and how your account will be affected.

    What’s happening?

    Starting from September 2020 you’ll be able to get more value out of the Peltarion Platform by being able to subscribe to one of our four new pricing plans.

    Visit for additional details

    Whether you’re someone with a curious mind or have commercial ambitions we’ve made it easy to find a plan that speaks to your needs:

    • Free plan - Perfect for students, non-commercial projects, or for trying out the platform. You will have access to all functionalities of the platform, but with restrictions on how much you can use them. 
    • Plus plan - Perfect for you who wants to experiment with AI and prototype, iterate and launch your first AI applications for commercial purposes.
    • Pro plan - Ideal for creating, running, and keeping track of multiple commercial AI applications. Prototype, launch, scale and/or manage multiple customer-facing AI applications from one single tool. The plan includes 12h of free consultation from our own data science team to help you answer your deep learning questions.
    • Enterprise plan - A custom plan specifically designed for your needs. Whether you need to run and manage a large number of AI applications or whether you’re in need of custom-built solutions, we’re happy to meet your needs. The plan includes a dedicated contact person from our own data science team. Get answers to your deep learning questions and custom-built solutions support.

    What’s in it for you?

    The Peltarion Platform is for students, hobbyists, professionals, and companies alike. We aim to speak your language and we know that cost is a major factor in deciding what tools to commit to. 

    With that in mind and with our desire to make AI available to anyone, we have decided to make our Free Plan just as feature-rich as our paid plans. The only difference compared to our paid plans will be that you can't use it for any commercial purpose and that you will have slightly less on-platform resources (e.g. number of training hours, number of simultaneous experiments, etc.) on a monthly basis.

    For those that need more, we’ve made it easier for you to get a package tailored to your needs. You will have a clear overview of what’s included in your plan so that you can make the right choice for you.

    When are the pricing plans launching?

    Our plans are already visible on our new pricing page and will become available for subscription on September 1st, 2020.

    What will happen to my existing account?

    Up until our new pricing plans go live, your account will continue as is. 

    Once the pricing plans are live you’ll have the opportunity to choose the plan that best suits your needs and your account will automatically switch over to said plan on the same day.

    But don’t worry, you won’t have to make a decision right away. You will have until Oct. 1st to choose which plan you would like to subscribe to. If by that day you haven’t made a decision, we will automatically transfer you to our new Free plan. 

    Regardless of the plan you choose, all your experiments and deployments on your account will be preserved and be available to you. The only thing that will change will be the quotas on your account depending on your plan.

    We have updated our Terms of use to reflect the launch of our pricing plans. By continuing to use the Peltarion Platform on or after 18 August 2020, you're confirming you've read and agree to the updated Terms of Use, so please make sure to read them fully (you can access them here). If you have any questions about the updates please feel free to contact us below.

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