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Data cleansing, Multiple output feature selection, and Bubble connector coming your way

May 5 2021/5 min read

The Peltarion team is constantly working on new tweaks and features for making the Peltarion platform better for each and everyone of you. And today, I would like to share the latest news from our product team.

Data-cleanser tool

Last week, we launched a tool for automatically preparing and cleansing your .csv files for an easier data upload onto the platform. Users will no longer need to do their removal of rows/handling of null values off platform.

Multiple output feature selection for Text similarity

When creating a deployment for Text similarity models, users are now able to select multiple features from their datasets as output features. The below video shows you an example of a model providing similar questions as well as the corresponding answers to an input text.

Bubble-connector for Text similarity

Following the launch of Text similarity capabilities on the platform, we are happy to announce that we have built a Bubble connector for the feature. With Text similarity, you can build models that compare and find texts that are similar in context and meaning, without them sharing a single common word.

Like what you read but haven't tried the platform yet? We have a free tier and a free trial of paying tiers available, so you don’t need to commit to anything beforehand. 

Happy modeling!

P.S. did you know that the platform also offers you all the training infrastructure (i.e. GPUs) and cloud deployment infrastructure that you need when you create an account? There is nothing to set up or configure, so you can get started right away. Beats even the best of laptops, don’t you think? ;)

  • Susanne Björkman

    Susanne Björkman

    Product Marketing Manager

    Susanne Björkman is part of the commercial team at Peltarion where she has role of Product Marketing Manager. She is passionate about data-driven insights, user experience and product development; and comes from a professional background in Enterprise Cloud Data Management and Analytics.

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