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Data-cleanser tool: now available on platform

June 20 2021/3 min read

We all love being the bearer of good news. And as this new week takes off, I am happy to bring an update about our data-cleanser tool to your attention:

Our data-cleanser tool is now available on platform!

On May 6, we shared the news of our data-cleanser tool with you, a tool that was made with the purpose of allowing users to prepare and cleanse .csv files for an easier data upload onto the platform. At that point, the tool was available off-platform.

Today, we are happy to announce that our data-cleanser tool is available on platform. This means that you can clean and prepare your datasets directly on the platform after they have been uploaded, and:

  • remove the risk of your models seeing missing values
    (ordinarily, missing values could lead to your models crashing)
  • choose different cleaning-strategies between dataset versions. For example, if your missing values are highly concentrated to a specific feature within your dataset, it might be valuable to remove that feature instead of all rows with missing values.

And this is just a start. Going forward, we aim at delivering more options for data-cleaning on platform, such as:

  • Detecting and ignoring outliers
  • Replacing missing values (instead of removing them)

Stay tuned!

  • Susanne Björkman

    Susanne Björkman

    Product Marketing Manager

    Susanne Björkman is part of the commercial team at Peltarion where she has role of Product Marketing Manager. She is passionate about data-driven insights, user experience and product development; and comes from a professional background in Enterprise Cloud Data Management and Analytics.

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