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Bringing you our new modeling engine - Okra - as well as a new datasets view

June 27 2021/5 min read

We have been busy here at Peltarion, and we are very happy to bring you two more product updates that hopefully is of interest. Spoiler; they both come with a smoother, enhanced user experience.

Introducing Peltarion's new modeling engine - Okra!

With the power of our new modeling engine, we will be able to bring you loads of simplified processes and handy features going forward. As of today, Okra displays its value by bringing you a simplified Wizard, the possibility to autofix your models and a tighter iteration cycle. Enjoy!

Our Datasets view has changed for the better

We love ease of use. And as a result, we have made an update to our dataset view so that the platform is even more intuitive and can cater to different needs.

The new view is perfect for the user that swiftly wants to get to a trained model, since this view takes care of tedious tasks such as versioning the dataset and creating subset splits. When using tutorial datasets, this view will also provide you with a link to the tutorial you are using so that you can easily move back and forth.

Happy modeling!

  • Susanne Björkman

    Susanne Björkman

    Product Marketing Manager

    Susanne Björkman is part of the commercial team at Peltarion where she has role of Product Marketing Manager. She is passionate about data-driven insights, user experience and product development; and comes from a professional background in Enterprise Cloud Data Management and Analytics.

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