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Bringing you multi-label classification and our new Tune experiment feature

July 19 2021/4 min read

We are, once again, thrilled to bring you a few more product updates that might just be what you need for advancing in your projects. This time we introduce multi-label classification capabilities and our tune experiment feature. Enjoy!

Multi-label classification at your fingertips

Could the cats in your dataset look both grumpy and mysterious at the same time? Yes. From now on, you can solve your multi-label classification problems on the Peltarion platform. We have added the IoU (intersection over union) metric to the evaluation view, that will let you evaluate which of your experiments perform the best. We have also added inspection support so that you can inspect how good your model is at predicting a certain label. For instance, is your model good at predicting grumpy cats while struggling with predicting mystery? The Inspection view will tell.

Introducing our Tune experiment feature

Iterating on (or tuning) experiments is a big part of succeeding in your projects. And with that in mind, we are happy to present you with our Tune experiment feature, a feature that aims to simplify the process of iterating on your projects. By activating the Tune experiment feature, the platform suggests changing the experiment’s settings or the model, and then generates and launches the new experiments from that.

Psst. Did you know that you always get a 30-days free trial of our Plus tier when signing up to the Peltarion platform?

Happy modeling!

  • Susanne Björkman

    Susanne Björkman

    Product Marketing Manager

    Susanne Björkman is part of the commercial team at Peltarion where she has role of Product Marketing Manager. She is passionate about data-driven insights, user experience and product development; and comes from a professional background in Enterprise Cloud Data Management and Analytics.

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