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Peltarion Mentorship Program

March 29

    We’re witness to a quickening momentum in the field of AI – a field that has the potential to transform every part of society and solve a wide swath of problems plaguing humankind. 

    For most individuals and organizations, the gap between the AI promise and the current state is still vast.

    To bridge this gap we've created a mentorship program with the purpose of sharing our expertise and enabling more people to use AI in their respective field of expertise.

    I'm intrigued... Tell me more

    The idea of the mentorship program is simple: If accepted to the program, you'll be paired up with one of our data scientists who will be guiding you in your project of choice.

    What do we want from you? An idea you want to try and the willingness to learn (putting in the hours). Simple as that. Your private tutor will guide you throughout the project and help you when you get stuck.

    Agrin explaining how to use AI to tag music moods, a key feature for the music industry!

    Ticking off the boxes: Application criteria

    Since we only have a finite number of resources that we can dedicate to this program (after all, we also have to do our jobs ;-), so we want to make sure that both you and we get the most out of the mentorship program. In order for the program to be useful for you and for us, we've set up a few criteria you need to tick off in order to apply for the program.

    • You want to learn deep learning. You’re interested in exploring how to apply deep learning (as opposed to machine learning or reinforcement learning) to your idea/project.
    • You have an idea or project that is related to your work, whether that's in academia (researcher) or industry doesn't matter.
    • You have access to the data you need to complete your project. The data doesn’t have to be ready to be used, but you should have access to it.
    • You're willing and able to put in the time necessary. Meaning you have the support from your employer to commit time to work with your Mentor to develop your deep learning skills. The minimum time required is 1h/week with your Mentor + the time you need to study deep learning on your own.
    • You are technical in nature. By having a technical background, it will be easier for you to develop your deep learning skills. This is not a hard requirement, but if you don’t have a technical background you would have to dedicate more of your free time to learning deep learning by yourself, otherwise, you will not benefit from the program. You don't need to have an engineering degree or similar, you just need to feel comfortable thinking about numbers and have some idea of the scientific method and/or being data-driven.

    Note that all tutoring is going to be done on the Peltarion Platform. There are of course a multitude of deep learning tools, frameworks, libraries, etc. out there and it would be unrealistic for us to say that we have someone that can help you no matter what tool you want to use. Instead, all the tutoring will be done on the Peltarion Platform which allows you to build, train and deploy deep learning models right from your browser, no-code required. It’s the easiest way to focus on problem-solving and not the tedious and oh so boring hardware setup work, learning and stringing together a patchwork of tools or debugging code.

    Perfect. I fit those criteria to the T. Sign me up!

    Amazing. Please tell us a bit more about yourself by filling out this form and we’ll get back to you asap. If we chose to move forward with your application, we'll schedule a time for a quick online interview to get to know each other and understand what each one of us is expecting to get out of the program.

    We look forward to meeting you!

    Mikael evaluating the performance of his deep learning model

    & now for the small print...

    The following terms apply to the Mentorship Program (“Mentorship Program terms”). Please read them carefully.

    • Participation in the Mentorship Program. To be eligible to participate in the Mentorship Program, you must fulfill the application criteria. We decide the duration of the mentoring. We reserve the right in our absolute discretion to (i) decline to accept an application to participate in the Mentor Program, and suspend or terminate any participant’s involvement in the Mentorship Program. 
    • No-show fee. The program is free to apply and participate in, but if you’re unable to commit to the program fully, i.e. don’t show up to the planned sessions, a no-show fee will be charged. This means that if you apply and are accepted to the program you automatically commit to paying a fee of 1000 SEK should you repeatedly fail to show up to your meetings with your mentor. This is our way of making sure only people who are committed to learning and applying deep learning to their respective projects apply to the program.
    • Not a deep learning course. The mentorship program is not a deep learning education program; you either know, are learning or are willing to start learning deep learning by yourself (if you're looking for a good course to get you there, check out Andrew Ng's deep learning specialization here). Your mentor will only guide you in how to learn and problem solve on your own. Your mentor will not give you answers to all your project problems; rather, they are ready to help you begin to make progress toward a solution.
    • No guaranteed outcome. Since this is a mentorship relationship only, we can’t guarantee that the outcome of your project will be the one you are looking for. (That would be a consulting assignment. If you’re interested in that instead, please reach out to our sales team to talk about this in detail). Instead, what you would get out of joining the program is that you will improve your AI skills, so that you can tackle many more ideas in the future by yourself + of course, see if your original project idea is viable and get a jump start.
    • Feedback. Your feedback is important to us! By submitting comments, ideas and suggestions, you agree that we are free to use such information/feedback (without any additional compensation or obligation to you) to develop and improve our platform and service offerings.
    • Privacy. We collect and process the personal information you provide us in connection with the mentorship program in accordance with our privacy policy.