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Democratizing deep learning

February 6 2022/3 min read

An AI platform is the way to go when looking to get started with AI or scale existing efforts - but there's more to AI-enabling an organization than just having an AI tool. Providing high-level AI knowledge and expert services are key components of democratizing deep learning in an organization. Have a look.

Generally speaking, AI platforms are software solutions designed to work more efficiently and more intelligently than traditional frameworks. These platforms can utilize machine learning algorithms, deep learning models, both, or different types of data architecture. Deep learning platforms such as Peltarion’s use the latest and more powerful cutting edge technology of convolutional neural networks, as opposed to earlier machine learning algorithm models. You can read more about what deep learning is and the differences between machine learning and deep learning here.

This is a neural network.

Most platforms available require highly skilled experts to use them, or that an established data science department be in place to use the tool, before organizations can get their projects going. The Peltarion platform changes that, as we’re keen on democratizing AI, so we've designed the platform to be able to be used by the domain experts - not just by the AI experts - so that deep learning could be available and accessible to more people. The domain experts - the non-AI-experts - working in the business units are the ones who have the best knowhow on the information used and created, and the business value needed. Empowering them with AI-knowledge and the right AI-tool gives them the opportunity to develop and solve problems with AI in their field of work, allowing Enterprises to scale their AI efforts more quickly and more efficiently. 

Pillars of a successful and valuable AI use case

While other AI platforms provide just the tool itself, Peltarion provides organizations with this AI education via our Onboarding process, where our AI experts work to enable and empower individuals and teams to solve AI problems on their own. The goal of onboarding for each domain expert who will be involved in the project is to have high-level knowledge on how to solve typical AI problems, and how to do this in practice using the Peltarion platform.

This differential is part of how Peltarion enables the fast time-to-value and thus support the internal investment discussions and prioritization within the organization. Onboarding is where we bring together the key ingredients to a successful and valuable AI use case while placing the power of AI problem solving in the hands of the actual individuals who can identify the problems. That way, we help organizations to identify use cases to prioritize for early success, get their first models in production for internal visibility and facilitate fast time-to-value, from idea to first proof of concept in a week. If the organization already has an established data science team or other AI experts on staff, this democratization of AI knowledge alongside our platform enables the in-house AI experts to focus their time and resources on the more complex cases, while domain experts can then focus on the more high business value cases instead.

The long tail of AI use cases

While utilizing AI to solve business problems in the right way can result in competitive advantage, value-add and overall more efficiency, many platforms still require highly skilled AI experts to use them. With our onboarding, each domain expert who will be involved in the project will have high-level knowledge on how to solve typical AI problems on their own, and how to do this in practice using the Peltarion platform themselves, thus eliminating the need for upfront investments in infrastructure, talent and resources - also enabling organizations to build with their own resources or with Peltarion Services.

In short, not all AI platforms are created equally, and while having an AI tool is a step in the right direction, it doesn’t solve all hurdles organizations face when trying to get started with or scaling their AI efforts. High-level AI education, domain expert business intelligence and AI-expert support services are key components specific to the Peltarion platform offer. Whether an organization aspires to make complex predictions, improve their efficiency or has already identified an area where AI capabilities would give them the competitive advantage it needs to scale, AI holds the capacity to get them there, but it is through accessible AI - decentralized, democratized, affordable and operational - that organizations can fully reach their AI goals.

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