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Left behind in deep forest? Join us & deploy your first AI model

January 29 2020/2 min read

AI is finally moving from hyperboles and news headlines toward a powerful technology with real-world use, and people are taking the opportunity to dive in. We want to be a part of this shift by sharing our knowledge to speed things up and make AI accessible to everyone. Sharing is caring, after all…

Welcome to “Deep Learning Afternoon”

Our Deep Learning Afternoon is an intro to AI in general and Deep Learning in specific. We’ll spend a few hours creating deep learning models together to step away from the abstract and towards more concrete use cases and operational AI.

Calle building deep learning models

What you’ll do and learn

We hope that after two hours together with us, you will go home with a better understanding of the power of operational AI. We will give you the chance to solve problems with the help of deep learning on our platform, and with a bit of luck the keen beans will even be able to continue working with AI on their own, once back home.

We will cover - Which problems are suitable to solve with deep learning? What’s the real value compared to machine learning or even “normal” statistics. And you will get the chance to build models yourself. The only thing you need to bring is your own computer and a curious mind!

Plan for the day

At your office. Or at our place if you prefer!

2h on a suitable day during spring 2020.
Just decide on a date we’ll set a time together when you reach out to us.

Your team, ideally min 15p. 

Zero dollars, we cover the cost. 
You only have to turn up with a curious mind.

How to register (or ask something)


Agrin explaining how to use AI to tag music moods, a key feature for the music industry!

Our own Deep Learning Fridays…

We actually have our own Deep Learning Fridays, every Friday. We think the best path to progress is through knowledge, and through sharing this with each other. On our Deep Learning Fridays people come up with their own projects to collaborate on (like Lena who is looking into using AI to find names of relatives in oooold books) and we help each other with problems we are facing.

  • Anna Gross

    Anna Gross

    Business Developer

    Anna Gross works with business development at Peltarion, aiming to make deep learning accessible to people from a wide range of industries. Before joining Peltarion, she set up the startup non-profit Project Access. She holds a bachelor’s degree in History from the University of Oxford and has also spent two years at Peking University in China studying Mandarin.

  • Andreas Vrålstad

    Andreas Vrålstad

    Developer Advocate

    Andreas is a Developer Advocate at Peltarion, where he focuses on making AI more accessible for the developer community. Prior to Peltarion, he did a range of things including running his own company within environmental sciences, developing autonomous underwater vehicles and working as a project manager within the IT sector. He has a MSc in AI and Computer Science and enjoys breaking down complex concepts to make them easy to digest for a broad audience.

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