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What to do during Corona times: Sharpen your AI skills

March 13/2 min read
  • Anna Gross
    Anna GrossBusiness Developer

With more people working from home, now is a perfect time to encourage your employees to acquire new skills and knowledge of new technologies. Since starting out, we’ve seen a great demand for a basic understanding of AI and how to make use of it. 

Here we’ve gathered some of our own favorite free tools for getting your employees an understanding of AI:

  • Andrew Ng’s course on Machine Learning: You can skip the coding parts, but this is an incredibly valuable introduction to the main concepts behind AI. Set aside about 8-10 hours for this in total. You should be able to get through this in the course’s free-trial week if you skip the exercises.
  • Data Camp’s Python projects: There is one project that you can do without a subscription, and it’s really good even if you haven’t yet done any Python coding yourself (Google is your friend, beginner-coders!). Though if you haven’t ever seen Python code before it might be good to spend a few minutes look at a YouTube video of some basic Python commands and Pandas data frame usage to get you started. It’s also very on-topic for this era we are living through and demonstrates the effect of handwashing through data. Enjoy! This project may take up to a day to complete if you’re completely new to coding, but it’s worth the effort for the feeling of satisfaction of having worked with your first dataset in Python.
  • Our 'five-click-AI': We know it’s a shameless plug, but it had to be done. We’re incredibly proud of how easy it is to build a model on our platform, so we encourage any and all of you to spend five (or so) clicks building your own AI model. If nothing else, it will leave you feeling encouraged that in this brave new world of high-tech solutions, there are accessible ways to get involved for people from all academic disciplines. If you can find your mouse pad and click on it a total of five times, you can do this.

Put your learning hats on and get involved! If there is demand for it, we’ll be happy to open up a Slack channel so you can ask us questions directly on learning resources and how to up-skill in AI. You can reach out to me at if you'd be interested in an informal support network over Slack and we can set something up!

We all have to figure out creative ways to be productive in the age of Coronavirus, so let’s take this collective working-from-home opportunity to encourage everyone to learn new skills and improve our businesses! 

    • Anna Gross

      Anna Gross

      Business Developer

      Anna Gross works with business development at Peltarion, aiming to make deep learning accessible to people from a wide range of industries. Before joining Peltarion, she set up the startup non-profit Project Access. She holds a bachelor’s degree in History from the University of Oxford and has also spent two years at Peking University in China studying Mandarin.

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