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10 Artificial Intelligence trends to watch for in 2021

May 6 2021/4 min read

Have you realized that most businesses today offer 24/7 chat support? What if I told you that a number of online support services are heavily driven by chatbots? In fact, some of these chatbots do such a great job of answering common repetitive customer inquiries that they’d actually pass for a human if you were asked to rate them.

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Well, to give credit where it’s worth, the use of conversational artificial intelligence in customer support has been one of the most successful applications of AI in 2021 and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. It is for this very reason that it still trends among AI applications today.

By implementing chatbots businesses are able to improve the efficiency of customer service interactions by a large margin. It is even projected that chatbot driven eCommerce transactions will have a value of $USD 112B by 2023 according to Juniper Research.

Another one of the new but promising trends in AI is hyperautomation. This is whereby the process of finding the repetitive business processes that need automation is itself automated. So these processes are dynamically weeded out and then the bots to automate these processes are developed.

In this infographic, we’ll look at the other trending applications of artificial intelligence that you should look out for this year. But if you prefer to read the entire text then check out the original article on artificial intelligence trends by To find out more about the other trends in machine learning and artificial intelligence, check out the infographic below.

10 artificial intelligence trends to watch for in 2021

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