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Open Deep Learning

January 29 2020/2 min read

    AI is finally moving from hyperboles and news headlines toward a powerful technology with real-world use, and people are taking the opportunity to dive in. We want to speed things up by sharing our knowledge and make AI accessible for everyone. This event is about using AI and Deep Learning, which is a set of algorithms that makes predictions based on patterns found in data, to solve real-life problems.

    What you’ll do and learn

    We hope that after a workshop together with us, you leave with a better understanding of the power of operational AI. We will give you the chance to solve problems with the help of deep learning on our platform, introducing you to a new toolbox that you can use for your AI projects.

    Calle building deep learning models

    Plan for the day

    Open Deep Learning is an introduction to AI and more specifically Deep Learning. We’ll spend a few hours creating deep learning models together to step away from the abstract and towards more concrete use cases and operational AI.

    Intro to AI
    Why is a deep learning revolution possible now? And what kinds of machine learning is there? How far have we come in AI research? These are some questions that will be answered by this introduction to AI.

    AI adoption
    What are some obstacles to adopting AI at a large scale? And how can we boost the adoption so more businesses can utilize the power of AI and deep learning?

    Use Cases
    We discuss some use cases where deep learning has successfully been applied, within fields such as healthcare, manufacturing and agriculture.

    Walkthrough Example
    We learn how to use the Peltarion platform by working with a real case.

    During this session, you will run your own case on the platform, based on the tutorials on our webpage. It’s also possible to look at your own datasets, given a week’s heads-up so we have time to look at the data and prepare for a smooth hands-on session.

    Agrin explaining how to use AI to tag music moods, a key feature for the music industry!

    & now for the details...

    Where? This event will be held online for the time being. We'll send you more information via email.

    When? Every Friday 9am-12pm

    Who? Anyone interested in deep learning

    Cost? Zero dollars, we cover the cost. We only ask that you turn up with a curious and open mind (and your laptop!)

    How to register (or ask something)

    For any questions and registration, please send us an email at

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