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Peltarion No Code AI Accelerator Program 3rd Edition

October 4/7 min read

    Do you want to use AI in your next product or business idea but don’t know where to start? To bridge the gap from just having an AI idea to actually creating a real AI product, we have created this accelerator program with the purpose of sharing our expertise and enabling more people to build new AI products and companies.

    02/ Tell me more

    The idea of the accelerator program is simple: If accepted to the program, you'll join a cohort of other founders and teams for a 6-Week program with the goal of getting an MVP of your product launched at the end of the program. 

    03/ What do we want from you?

    An idea you want to work on, some data to use, and the willingness to put in the hours to build it. For the selected candidates, you will build a commercial product in order to ensure you have the right amount of resources to do this, a Plus License to the Peltarion platform will be required during the program. 

    04/ Application criteria

    In order for the program to be useful for you and for us, we've set up a few criteria you need to tick off in order to apply for the program.

    You are interested in exploring how to apply AI to your idea/project.. (We won’t be covering all the basics of AI  but if you feel like you need to brush up on your basic AI skills before applying, check out our Faster AI course).

    This can be a project at your current employer, something you wish to commercialize or a do-good project. 

    You have access to the data you need to work on your project or an idea of where you can start collecting this data. 

    You're willing and able to put in the time. Depending on your situation and schedule, we’ll work out the best way for you and make sure you get access to the materials and sessions. 

    You should have a plan or how you plan to deploy your AI model into an application. We love no-code and we will show you how to use our existing integrations to build apps as well.

    05/ Course Structure

    We will host weekly 1.5 hour sessions as a group that will cover various AI topics and general discussions of key learnings from each of the projects. We will also arrange Office Hours (CET Timezone)  to give 1-on-1 attention to your project to ensure its success. Here are some of the topics we will cover as a group:

    Week 1 - Building with AI - Introduction to Designing Successful AI projects. Presentation by the CEO of Peltarion

    Week 2 - Operational AI: Defining Your AI Problem Type

    Week 3 - The Data Dirty Work - Defining, Gathering and Cleaning Your Dataset

    Week 4 - Let’s Get Modelling - Training First Models and Improving Results  

    Week 5 - Model meet World - Deploying and Integrating Your Model 

    Week 6 - How Can We Improve? Iterating a Production Model

    Week 7 - Demo Day: Show Everyone What You Built 

    Program start: Thursday, October, 28th - Tentative.