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6 life-changing AI applications

October 4 2020/3 min read
  • Lisa Johansson
    Lisa JohanssonHead of Brand

Even if AI has quickly moved from hype to something sort of mainstream (or at least familiar) it’s still difficult for most of us to understand what to use AI for. What’s really the point with it? To make AI less fuzzy, here are 6 Life-changing AI applications from our book “The essential AI handbook for leaders”.

As most of you have realized, AI in its current shape is not at all about science fiction, but just a really good way of solving problems. But what kind of problems can we solve with AI? And in which industries? It may sound naive, but actually, there’s no real limit for what good AI can do. To make it more tangible, and hopefully easier for you to get started yourself, here are 6 examples where AI can be useful to advance humanity.

02/ AI in education

An AI system can be trained to automatically correct and grade tests. This way, the teachers can spend more time with each individual child and focus on actual teaching. “AI could grade the tests for an entire class for me in seconds.” (Alice, English teacher)

Illustration by Sébastien Plassard from "The essential AI handbook for leaders"

03/ AI in healthcare

An AI model can be used to analyze thousands of brain scans and predict tumors faster and with greater accuracy than the best radiologists and cancer doctors in the world. This means doctors can spend more time actually treating the tumors instead of looking for them. Read our customer story “AI targeting tumors and protecting patients to fight cancer” 

“Accurately identifying and predicting brain tumors is time-consuming and extremely hard, even for experienced experts.” (Sue, radiologist)

04/ AI in communication

AI can transcribe or translate audio or voice into written text. Suddenly the playing field gets much more level.

Now that the AI on my phone can read people’s lips, I can take classes I never thought I’d get to listen to in college

Patrick, person with bad hearing

05/ AI in manufacturing

“With AI we can predict errors before they even happen” (Dennis, machine operator).

There used to be no way of telling when a machine would wear down and start making errors. But with the data from a machine park, AI can predict any errors before they even happen. That could save a company thousands of man-hours and millions of dollars. Read about how to use audio recordings in predictive maintenance.

06/ AI in pharmaceutical

By bringing AI image recognition into clinical trials, we can analyze the anatomy of cells to discover new uses for existing drugs. “There’s a million drugs already on the market with unknown potential just waiting to be discovered” (Rochelle, medical researcher) Read more about AI in healthcare from the perspective of a senior data scientist.

Illustration by Sébastien Plassard from "The essential AI handbook for leaders"

07/ AI in agriculture

Tools that help farmers know what to plant, how often to water it, and how to fertilize it has been reserved for bigger corporate farmers. An AI system can use satellite imagery and weather data and deliver accurate predictions. Saving a lot of both guesswork and money for farmers. Here’s how we worked with Tekniska Verken to optimize energy production, similar to what farmers could do with the help of AI and satellite images.

AI lets me maximize what I get out of my land with soil and crop analysis to recommend exactly what to plant

Anita, ten-acre farmer

08/ Further reading

We recently launched a mobile version of the book, called "The 45-minute AI handbook for leaders". We're super happy about the collaboration with AI Sweden and Sana Labs, making this possible. We highly recommend everyone to take the "class", read and learn! With increased knowledge in AI, we, all of us, will have a much better position to use AI for good - to bring humanity forward.

If you're a classic soul, you're most welcome to swing by our office for a hello and to get a printed version! And if you don't want to wait, here’s the pdf version to download. Enjoy reading!

09/ References

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  • Lisa Johansson

    Lisa Johansson

    Head of Brand

    Lisa is the Head of Brand at Peltarion. She has a past from leading the brand at Koenigsegg, democratizing aviation in California, hands-on entrepreneurship and large scale Swedish industry. Academic background MSc in Engineering from Linköping University and Marketing Management from Harvard University.

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