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Launching our Power Apps connector

October 11 2020/4 min read
  • Anna Gross
    Anna GrossBusiness Developer

Is your company using any of the solutions included in Microsoft Dynamics or Power Platform? Try out the Peltarion connector to build AI into your business processes and apps!

How to create better & faster customer support.

This week Peltarion launches a Connector to Dynamics and Power Apps so you can use your AI models on data collected from various data sources and visualise the result in Dynamics or Power Apps.

Let’s say you’ve got a customer service system where you over time have collected a bunch of interesting data that could help you make an even better system if you were able to build an AI model into it. Well, now you can! 

Our platform can handle more unstructured data (like images, sound and text in the form of natural language) and can solve more complex problems than the AI Builder from Microsoft but still with a no-code/low-code approach so you won’t need a Data Scientist to AI enable your apps.

Try out our tutorial for using AI to tag customer complaints with the relevant product, or check out our use case outline here. 

Just to get you excited, here are some other things you can build: 

  • A defect-detection app for quality assurance in manufacturing: This could reduce the number of callbacks and also the amount of time your workforce spends on tasks like surface detection. Here’s a link to a use case outline and a tutorial
  • A car insurance claim verification app: This would let you automate the process of verifying customer’s car insurance claims by building an app around an AI model that can detect the type of damage that can be seen in an image of a car. 
  • A diagnostics app: This would enable a doctor to send in for example an x-ray image to the app and get out the AI model’s prediction for what the diagnosis is. Check out a similar application, built by one of our customers here.

We’re really excited to work with Microsoft, and Dynamics 365 and Power Platform in particular. They build on Microsoft’s unparalleled ecosystem of applications, and are therefore the go-to tool for many companies that rely on that. 

Go to our tutorial to try it out for yourself!

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