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We are advancing humankind with AI in med-tech

October 29 2020/4 min read

Our customer SciBase just released their new device—Nevisense Go—a product made possible by AI. The product, looking just like a pen, is used to analyze skin barriers to be able to prevent diseases like skin cancers and allergies, before they even happen. Projects like these are amazing to be part of, as they truly advance humankind.

SciBase releases the first device based on their new platform, Nevisense Go.

02/ Briefly about SciBase

SciBase is a med-tech company based in Stockholm just like us. They are also leading the way in their niche, just like us. In short, what they are trying to achieve is to develop products to evaluate skin disorders such as skin cancer and atopic dermatitis (typically allergies). The big advantage of knowing the status of your skin is to get the chance to prevent the disease from happening at all!

03/ Can a pen make it possible to eat an apple?

What SciBase has developed, is a portable device the size of a large pen. It’s based on measuring electrical impedance, and AI. The result is a product that’s easy for clinicians to use and integrate, and designed in a friendly way.

With the pen, the skin barrier can be analyzed. And through knowing the status of the skin, you can get info about future risks for cancer, allergies, and eczema. Meaning the pen can actually prevent this to happen, and yes - potentially make it possible to eat those crispy apples. And to be serious, having the chance to notice eczema for children before it happens can make a huge difference throughout their whole lives. And for skin cancer, many of you know the very sad outcome of a mark on your, or a dear relative’s, skin.

How atopic dermatitis makes us vulnerable

04/ SciBase + Peltarion

As a base for the project, SciBase used our Peltarion Platform with all models and data run on Microsoft Azure. 

Thanks to the AI technology made accessible by us, and skills and effort from SciBase’s team, they managed to develop an AI device without being data scientists. While still building trust and experience into the product through our technology. This highlights the possibility for domain experts to solve problems with AI—without having the skills of a data scientist. Yes, it was still complicated, and yes, it still took a lot of work and brain effort, but SciBase really proved it’s possible to build world-class AI without having a team of experienced data scientists.

That both companies are Swedish and leading the way globally for the development of healthcare solutions with AI—that nobody has done before—makes the future even more promising!

05/ The case in detail

There is much more to the case so if you want to read and learn more about the details around it, here’s the story! And read the full press release from SciBase.

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