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How would learning AI fast track your career?

March 24/2 min read
  • Rebecka Hogevall
    Rebecka HogevallPeople Partner

Last week, I was talking to one of our new joiners in one of the rare times that we happened to be at the office these days, and she asked me why I thought people should learn AI, from a career perspective.

02/ When you stop learning, you stop growing

There are many reasons why one should learn AI as part of their skillset. For one, we’re never finished learning. I really like Kenneth H. Blanchard’s quote: “When you stop learning, you stop growing” because it’s just so accurate. 

To give you an example, in the fall of 2019, we had two high school students who came to us for their 2 week internship, known as the praktik in Swedish. Part of their project was building a model on our platform and deploying it. While our platform is geared to be easy for beginners, we think that it is easy to use for people who come from a technical background and are beginners when it comes to using AI. These 13 year old high-schoolers however, not only figured out how to use the platform, but were also successful in their project. Amazing, right?

Our generation of 30 and 40-year-olds is in this market right now, looking at kids coming from a background of years and years of learning STEM at school and in their own free time. If we don’t keep learning, how would we ever keep up and stay relevant?

03/ Self development

It used to be that we measured our career success by the changing of our titles. Now we know to measure our professional success by our degree of self-development. Learning something new positively impacts your employability and your career growth. Learning AI can be one of those newly learned skills for you as well. 

But why learn AI, specifically?

Our Head of Research, Anders Arpteg, often makes use of a quote from Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet/Google, who says “AI is one of the most important things humanity is working on. It’s more profound than, I don’t know, electricity or fire”. This is a great analogy that I always like to use when talking about the impact of AI in our collective lives. Humankind was propelled into a forward leap of development after discovering how to control and use fire. Well, AI is the “fire” discovery of our lifetime. We’re being pushed into a whole new direction of technological innovation and advancement that will affect and reshape all future human endeavors. It already does, but most of us just aren’t consciously aware of it.

For example, the Peltarion platform is now being used to help doctors fight cancer, carmakers optimize battery power, curators identify moods in music, farmers keep their crops secure, among many other uses.

The possibilities for our future use of AI are endless. How will we keep up, participate, engage and better ourselves and our lives if we don’t learn to use and work with AI? 

04/ Go down the slope

Learning a new skill can sometimes feel daunting. I remember the first time I went skiing with my family when I was 6 years old, and the thought of going down that hill on those tiny little skis was slightly terrifying. I stood there at the bottom of the slope and watched people come down on their skis for a while. That’s another awesome quality of young people by the way - the ability to learn by watching, like our high school interns did as well. After some time I felt confident enough to give it a try and go down the slope. And I loved it! I’m still an avid skier to this day. For that to happen though, I had to take that first step down the slope. 

So, if you ask me like my new colleague did, why should you learn AI as part of your skillset, and would learning AI fast track your career, I would say yes! - and encourage you and anyone who is interested in learning AI to take that first step in their own learning journey and go down that slope.

You can always start by taking our AI for beginners course - FasterAI. It’s free and you get your own certificate of completion to boost your LinkedIn profile - which soon enough will likely be optimised and filtered by - you guessed it! - AI. 


  • Rebecka Hogevall

    Rebecka Hogevall

    People Partner

    Rebecka is a People Partner at Peltarion. Before joining, she worked as an HR consultant with a focus on HR tech & performance management. She holds a bachelor's degree in Human Resources from Uppsala University and is especially passionate about the people experience for all candidates & employees. Outside of work she likes to read, renovate & stay updated with the latest in the HR field.

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