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5 reasons you should take the leap from Plus to Pro this fall

October 18 2021/6 min read

Effortlessly scale your AI capabilities and create, run and keep track of multiple commercial AI applications across your business.

Seamless growth

Starting out as a Plus user is a great way to begin with your first commercial AI projects. While on a Plus license, it’s easy to integrate your models into your prototypes and get immediate real-time feedback of your solution, before investing more resources in it as a single user with 15 training hours per month available to use.

But when you’re looking to grow, the Pro license is where you’ll find what you need. When you upgrade to a Pro license, you can easily scale the number of AI projects in your organization by adding up to 5 users and increasing your training hours to 50 hours and moving from 1000 to a whopping 50000 predictions per month. The platform will seamlessly scale to match your needs. No setup, no configuration, no overhead - just growth.

Manage the lifecycle of your AI projects

While on a Plus license, our users are able to build, configure, run and compare 3 experiments or iterations of their AI solution, and reduce their time and cost to value, our Pro users have the advantage of increasing that number to 10 simultaneous experiments, all the while keeping all of the data, experiments, deployments and their complete history in one place to easily iterate, refine, and update projects on a regular basis.

Export model feature

Plus users get started with cutting the time it takes to deploy an AI project from a couple of weeks to just a couple of minutes, however, only our Pro users can export their AI models to enable use cases where models are deployed off platform.

Commercial use of more live deployments

While both Plus and Pro plans include a commercial license where you can use the platform to build customer-facing applications or internal tools for running your operation, Pro users can increase the number of live deployments from 3 to 5 deployments.

Expert services support

Exclusively available to our Pro users, Peltarion offers access to dedicated expert services support. Standard Pro licenses include a total of 10h of consultancy support from our AI experts, and for a limited time during our Fall Upgrade Campaign, Plus users who upgrade to a Pro license will receive a total of 40h of expert services support - 10h per month for the first 4 months of their subscription.

That’s 4 times as much support, exclusive to newly upgraded Pro users, where our team of AI experts will help you with anything from guidance on how to tweak your model or data to improve their performance, to ideating / validating use cases and building prototypes / pilots. Think of them as someone that can help you solve things like data scraping scripts, pre-processing work, explainability of the model results, advanced model building, API-connections and other hurdles you may not be able to solve yourself. 

Take the leap and elevate your AI projects to the next level. To upgrade, go to “My Profile” on the top right hand corner of your platform dashboard, click “Subscriptions” and select “Pro” as your new plan to claim your 40h of expert services support and take your projects to the next level.

*Campaign is valid until October 31, 2021*

  • Björn Treje

    Björn Treje

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