What AI can do

AI is forever changing how to work and do business. At first glance, it can seem very scientific and theoretical, like science fiction. But that’s far from the case.

In reality, AI is all about specific applications, and is already a large part of our daily lives found in everything from search engines and voice recognition to the tailored suggestions you receive from your music and video streaming services. But that's only the beginning.

AI has the potential to advance humanity by augmenting our skills, talents and abilities, allowing us do things faster, better and more powerfully.

AI can take on far more complex assignments than us, and unlike humans, AI is never limited by distractions, hunger, lack of sleep or stress.

Predict how many guests will order how much food
By pulling data from sales tools, an AI model can accurately predict a business’ sales using patterns found in its rich, historical sales data, a powerful prediction tool offering real-time recommendations regarding ingredient quantities down to the cup of sugar and staff scheduling down to the very last buzzer.

Discover new uses for existing drugs
By bringing AI image recognition into clinical trials, the anatomy of cells can be analyzed to discover new uses for existing drugs. There are millions of drugs already on the market with unknown potential just waiting to be discovered.

Grade the tests of an entire class in seconds
An AI system can be trained to automatically correct and grade tests. This way the teachers can spend more time with each individual child and focus on the actual teaching.

Distinguish between crop and weeds in real time
Millions of pounds of pesticide are sprayed on crops every year. Instead of spraying every single crop AI can use cameras and image recognition to identify weeds in milliseconds, pinpointing and spraying each weed and no crops on the fly.

Provide surfers real-time forecasts showing exactly where the best waves are at any given moment
AI systems can predict the weather by taking live data from satellites, weather stations, wind farms, and maps along with historical data. Once trained, the AI’s weather forecasts can be accurately computed in seconds, telling surfers exactly where to go to find the best waves. Way cheaper, quicker and more accurate than non-AI methods.

Just as AI can guide a surfer to the best wave on the whole coastline, it can point you to the best spots to cut costs in your business, how to optimize order flows or what products to push in the coming quarter.

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