Jumpstart with Peltarion

The Peltarion jumpstart service is a 6-week consulting engagement to build a proof of concept (POC) that demonstrates the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to your business.

Based on requirements and success criteria agreed with you during an initial workshop, the Peltarion team applies over 30 years of combined experience to create and train a deep learning model and build a prototype solution for your defined use case.

You’ll be working with a collection of top engineers and PhD data scientists all focused on one goal: enabling you to understand and validate the business case for deep learning.

Who is the service aimed at?

Maybe you’re starting from scratch or you’ve been exploring this area but not progressing quickly. Perhaps your existing approaches apply machine learning methods, and the problem may benefit from using deep learning techniques.

The Peltarion jumpstart service is aimed at line-of-business owners ready to explore deep learning now.

Our approach and methodology

Before we begin, Peltarion will lead a free half-day workshop with a mix of your stakeholders, data scientists, developers and architects to understand the business drivers and ideal outcomes for you.

During the workshop we will assess your data, understand your current model/approaches and explore appropriate deep learning methods and how these might be extended and optimized to fulfill the use case outcome.

Following the workshop Peltarion will provide a jumpstart proposal describing the engagement objectives, scope, prerequisites and deliverables.


  • A prototype solution and deep learning model
  • A report detailing the business case for deep learning
  • A blueprint for moving from prototype to production

The commercial terms

The Peltarion Jumpstart includes a 3-month Enterprise subscription for the Peltarion platform.

Contact us today for pricing at sales@peltarion.com

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