Limitations of AI

AI can do many amazing things, and looking into the next hundred years, the possibilities can seem almost endless.

But just because AI can fulfil such a wide range of tasks doesn’t mean it can do it all. It is not truly thinking independently. Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI) is great at finding ways to conquer specific goals, often in ways so creative no human could ever fathom them on their own. This is the most advanced form of AI used today as seen in areas like medical diagnostics and self-driving cars. Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) refers to AI that's able to reason and understand like humans, and it is still questionable whether or not this is even possible to achieve.

Regardless, AI’s ability to make sense of huge payloads of information means it can surpass human abilities in terms of specific task, augmenting and complementing the work humans are already doing. This goes for the things we do for work, for fun or in our endeavor to solve the world's most pressing global challenges.

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