1. Come together and learn the fundamentals of AI

The sooner an AI strategy is explored, the sooner an organization can start reaping AI’s incredible rewards. The strategy can best be developed at four levels of attack.

Company-wide basic knowledge of AI and the organization’s AI strategy will give AI the best chance of making a valuable impact, from the mailroom to the boardroom to the office of the CEO. To harness the real power of AI you can’t just go to an AI consulting firm and ask them to optimize your profits. The process of building an AI model must start within the organization itself, at the top to be specific, educating the organization and top management about AI and its potential.

This doesn’t mean everyone has to be or become an expert. But introducing and effectively integrating AI may lead to certain changes in the organization and its data management practices. So, in order to succeed with AI, knowledge and strategy are best distributed top to bottom to avoid misunderstandings and conflicting approaches to the technology. It’s not just a new tool for the IT department.

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