Escaping AI purgatory

There’s good news and bad news. Assuming you want the bad news first, here it is: the first two levels of AI purgatory are inescapable. If your organization is not thinking AI-first, you’ll never identify the areas where AI could bring the most value. This first level of AI purgatory is where you set the organizational and philosophical foundation for all the work you’ll do in this arena.

As for the second level of AI purgatory — data acquisition and cleanup — you can’t escape this one, either. Having and maintaining usable data is a precondition to AI success, and you’ll have bigger worries than not being able to use AI if you don’t have a data and digitization strategy in place.

Now for the good news. As deep learning becomes a pivotal initiative to businesses from the startup to the enterprise, third-party operational AI platforms are arising that can handle AI purgatory levels 3 to 7 for you. Acting as a commercial bridge to AI technology, operational platforms can help you avoid the perplexing and laborious tool research, the coding of an AI model, the training of that model, the practical production and the endless maintenance. From prototype to production, you can create a unique, purposeful working AI model without the overhead and endless purgatory of reinventing AI for your company. You still own all of your data and models, but you no longer have to seek out, or worse, invent, the tools to use them.

To move from the old to the new is the only tradition worth keeping
— Marcus Wallenberg

AI is thus rendered usable, useful and affordable to all. Already, 17 percent of developers claim to have worked with AI in some capacity. Of those that have not, 73 percent say they plan to learn more about these technologies this year. We’re on the cusp of the mainstreaming of deep learning, and now is the time to enlist the right technology and resources to get ahead of the pack.

But what about that AI expert I insisted you need in order to understand the fundamentals of your system? If you use an operational AI platform that offers a very usable graphical interface, abstracting away from the underlying tools and software, you can get by with a junior data scientist or even just a really smart developer. Such platforms can move you away from the academic aspect of machine learning into an easy-to-use, scalable, cloud-based platform that makes state-of-the art AI functional and achievable by a far larger number of companies.

Peltarion is one such operational AI platform. To request early access to our brand-new platform and speak with an expert at Peltarion, contact us today.


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