3. Do a data inventory

Data is the fuel to any AI solution and can present itself in unexpected places. So the next step is to seek out possible sources of relevant data for each problem on your list.

You may not have enough of the proper data for every problem. If that’s the case, think about how you can create, find or even buy that data. The mere act of looking for data in your organization can help spark helpful practices that yield exactly what you need to get an AI project off the ground. And data can appear in quite unexpected places.

• What data associated with the problems listed do you have? If none or too little, why?

• How is the data structured and format- ted? Make sure it is not scattered across your organization.

• Do the right people have access to your data?

• Is the data updated continuously?

• Can we buy data we need but can’t generate ourselves?

• Who is responsible for our data?

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