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The Peltarion cloud platform makes it easier to get started with, build, and deploy AI for whatever you do

A few things you could do on the Peltarion platform

Image classification / Sort images into different categories

Image similarity / Since you looked at this, these ones are similar

Image segmentation / Highlight what you’re looking for

Tabular and image classification / Check best combo text + image

Text classification / Sort text into different categories

Easy to get started

No matter your skill level you can get started with AI today. Start with your own data or try one of our existing datasets. You’ll be ready to build your AI model within minutes and we will guide you along the way.

Manage everything in one place

Successfully adopt deep learning with our neural networks. Get suggestions based on your input data and problem types. And evaluate how your model is performing in real-time during training

One-click deployment

Once satisfied with your results, you are one click away from deploying your model into production on our platform. You can also deploy directly into your application via a Rest-API or one of our pre-built connectors.

Real value is created when domain experts, rather than AI experts use the technology and control the narrative.

It’s happening now and we are thrilled to be enabling people to use AI at scale in organizations of all sizes.

Luka Crnkovic-Friis,

Co-founder and CEO