Peltarion was founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2005. With a deep understanding and passion for neural networks we want to truly democratize AI and make the technology accessible and affordable. 

Our first product, an integrated development environment was released in 2005 and became over the years the tool of choice for people who wanted to use neural networks but did not have the time nor the inclination to write all their code from scratch. Our work allowed us to apply neural networks to real world problems and we got to do that in a very wide variety of fields ranging from building control systems for heavy industry to helping to analyze the migration of dolphins in the Pacific Ocean. We have accumulated experiences of applying neural networks in different sectors such as finance, industry, IT, health, science and many others.

Why should you join us? 
You should join us if you want to work in a start-up environment with the ambition of democratizing AI and making it accessible to a much wider audience on a global scale.

As a member of the Peltarion team you will have the opportunity to make a serious impact on the future of AI and deep learning. 

• At Peltarion you get to specialize and learn more about AI and deep learning.
• Work with and learn from the best – we only hire top talent
• We believe in a flat organizational structure with short distance between you and our founders
• We are well financed, with a solid and ambitious business plan and global costumers.

Who are you?  
• We are looking for the following: senior designer, senior UX/UI, senior backend developer, senior DevOp, junior DevOp and a bunch of junior full stack developers with a passion for coding
• If you are triggered by solving complex problems and use cutting edge technology you will fit in with our team.
• You also need to have an entrepreneurial heart pounding for doing good. 
• Then of course just like the Peltarion team you are genuinely nice person :-)

Contact Sophie (sophie@peltarion.com) to set up a meeting!