Sometimes it makes sense to train a model on your laptop, but often you want to train it on a powerful set of GPUs or on a HPC machine. Synapse 2 has been designed from the ground up with the goal that it is not something you should have to worry about. You can run it on your computer, your workstation, your server or if you want we can run it for you in the cloud on powerful GPU powered servers. Just press play and you're off. 

One click is literally all it takes to deploy a system to a Peltarion Spine 2 server (your own or in the cloud). A RESTful interface gives you direct access to your model. Apart from easy integration, Spine provides version control, automatic scheduled training and parallel execution of different models. Spine was developed in cooperation with several banks and has proven track record of extreme robustness in real world critical production systems. Best of all: we can run it in the cloud for you, so it doesn't have to be more complicated than a click.

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