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The platform that takes companies from proof of concept to usable, scalable product.

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The AI Platform

Artificial Intelligence is the most transformative technology of this century. And yet it's still early days.

More companies are curiously approaching AI and discovering its endless possibilities. There's a whisper around it, a growing sense of its revolutionary and global impact - and we're putting its power in the hands of the many.

Our platform makes AI and deep learning accessible, affordable and reliable for startups all the way up to large scale industry. The platform takes companies from proof of concept to usable, scalable product without large investments.

The Team

While we come from different backgrounds, we all share the same passion for the good AI can bring. We are software engineers and data scientists with deep understanding of and passion for AI - a powerful blend of scientific knowledge and software-engineering clout, paired with a business-driven ethos.

We believe in the good of AI.


Deep learning

Since 2005



Over 300 companies and organisations have used Peltarion to access the power of AI and Deep Learning, including: